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Damien Brehony

When did you first get into Triathlons?About 2 years ago. I was a sporty kid but did nothing after school until my 30’s. Like many people I started triathlon as an early mid life crisis, I got started by buying a bike on the bike to work scheme. For a year or two before that I was a frustrated / always injured runner. The bike was a revelation and I have really enjoyed cycling ever sinceWhat was your first? 

Spiddal Sprint in May 2011. Absolutely atrocious conditions, I should have been disqualified as I ran only 2 of the 3 run laps I was very unfit and exhausted after the race, but I was hooked. I came back a year later and did the Olympic distance and came 7th which I am very proud of 

 What has been your favourite event to date?


My favourite event is the Humbert Challenge half -ironman as the swim location is great, its a challenging but rolling/fast bike course, and all the local kids man the aid stations and cheer for you on the run. Its a really well run community event 

What would your most important tip for anyone starting triathlons?

Consistency, if you train consistantly you will get better no matter what kind of training you are doing, if you keep missing training sessions you will just plateau, so no excuses.

I read a good quote recently about Sean Kelly and training in bad weather
“I go out on my bike, I do my ride, and when I get back home I decide if it’s too wet or not!”

This is the attitude you need to have I think to become a better triathlete especially if you live in the West of Ireland!!

 What bike do you cycle?

I cycle a Canyon Ultimate CF road bike and A Felt B16 time trial bike

What wetsuit do you wear? 

I wear a Blueseventy Axium which is not made anymore but its equivalent now is the Blueseventy Sprint which is the entry level suit but is very good

What sportsperson (across any sport) do you most admire? 

In triathlon I admire Craig Alexander as he is very honest, modest and a complete sports professional when it comes to doing interviews spending time with the public etc. This summer I really enjoyed Mo Farahs double in the 5K & 10K I thought it was an incredible feat

What other sports or hobbies do you partake in? 


Three sports is enough if I take up any more my wife will shoot me!

What are your goals for the coming season? 


My main goal is to do the Humbert Challenge in under 5 hrs which I think is achievable, I also want to try some bike races, and hopefully do the Dublin Marathon at the end of the season

What do you believe to be your strongest attribute with regards to competition, and what area do you feel you could improve on the most? 

I am a good racer in that I enjoy competition and overperform and suprise myself frequently. I can improve my running a lot. I only did the bare minimium running last year as I didnt want to get injured and jeopardise my training for Challenge Barcelona. This year I don’t have that worry so I’m going to push my running this year

What are your favourite and least favourite training sessions? 

Even though I am best at swimming out of the three sports, it is my least favourite to train for as it can be monotonous 

What piece of training / racing gadgetry could you not do without?


I just couldnt cycle without a speedo on the bike. Some of the more experienced cyclists in the cycling club I am a member of ride without one but I always like to know how fast (or slow?) I am going.

What one performance to date are you most proud of and why? 

I am  very proud of my 5:18 at the Humbert Challenge last year as I did 5:57 the year before, also I am of course very proud of completing Challenge Barcelona well under my target of 12hrs. I learned a lot from about my capabilites last year and I know I can still improve a lot more