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Sarah Neary

When did you first get into Triathlons?

Summer 2008 

What was your first?

Lough Key Tri 2008

What has been your favourite event to date?

Lough Key Tri, its naturally conducive to triathlons and I love the park, it holds a special place for me as I’ve grown up training there, loads of good memories. I know it better than my back garden . I also love the time of year it’s held, it’s the last blast of summer, the season finale before the winter shut down. 

What would your most important tip for anyone starting triathlons?

Keep it simple at the start, you’re taking on three disciplines – swim , cycle and run with whatever equipment you’ve got . Build up your base fitness first in the three disciplines and take it from there and whatever else enjoy it.

What bike do you cycle?
An American Classic , I have it since 2009 , twas the only one in the shop that was suitable for my size, I’ve never seen anyone else with this model !!!!

What wetsuit do you wear?

Speed Triathlete

What sportsperson (across any sport) do you most admire?

Roy Keane, I really respect the attitude he has to his sport but as a runner I’m in awe of Sonia o Sullivan, she has all the national records from 800m upwards  except for the marathon 

What other sports or hobbies do you partake in?

Running, pilates, playing piano 

What are your goals for the coming season?

To finally overcome a long-term injury so I haven’t any races planned

What do you believe to be your strongest attribute with regards to competition, and what area do you feel you could improve on the most?

Good attributes to competition  :I can push myself very hard and i dont give up easily . If i set myself a race target and training plan i will stick to it rigidly 

Areas to improve on: Organisation on race day and confidence 

What are your favourite and least favourite training sessions?

Least favourite : Long tempo runs , really need to build yourself up to them, alot of stamina required , a really tough one has me rattled mentally & physically  by the end of it . 

Favourite : varies depending on my mood , enjoy long mountain runs on the bike (with company), also  like a long run on a Sunday morning (on my own) on a carefully thought out route 

What piece of training / racing gadgetry could you not do without?

Garmin forerunner

What one performance to date are you most proud of and why?

Lough Key Tri 2012, really wanted to medal in it since 2008 , the support and atmosphere on the day was really great . I was really proud to bring a win home to club on home turf.