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Conor Redahan


When did you first get into triathlon ?

What was your first?  
1997. Sprint triathlon, Templemore. I was one of the top swim finishers and amongst the last in bike and run – has much changed in 17 years??!!!!

What has been your favourite event to date?  
Lough Key Sprint 2009 – going head to head with my younger brother. One second of a difference in swim times and 9 second difference in run.

What would your most important tip for anyone starting triathlons?
To join and train with a club. You get so much guidance and support.

What bike do you cycle?
Planet X Stealth

What wetsuit do you wear?
Zoot Synergy

What sportsperson (across any sport) do you most admire?   !!!!

What other sports or hobbies do you partake in?
Very little time for anything else but I do a bit of table tennis, gardening, painting and woodwork.

What are your goals for the coming season?  
Mainly to complete an Ironman in Sweden.

What do you believe to be your strongest attribute with regards to competition, and what area do you feel you could improve on the most?
Strongest: No matter what it takes, I won’t let anyone aged over 70 pass me out in a race!!! Weakest: My cycle fitness/endurance/speed.

What are your favourite and least favourite training sessions?  
Favourite is group cycles on a Saturday and least enjoyable is the leg specific swim drills.

What piece of training / racing gadgetry could you not do without?
Despite my aversion to technology, I am finding the Garmin 910XT is a great training aid.

What one performance to date are you most proud of and why?  
10k Lough Gill N.W Hospice swim last year. Physically and psychologically quite challenging and then I was able to raise a good bit for the charity.