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Try a Tri 2014 Race Briefing

Race Briefing

Thank you for registering for our event and well done on make that step in the world of triathlon’s, as you might be able to tell from the description of this event it is an event aimed at new comers to the triathlon scene.

Any triathletes who have competed in Sprint distance or longer will not be taking part, therefore you will be competing against people of the same level of knowledge and experience as yourself, saying that, everyone will have their strong discipline or some will be at a consistent level overall.

The main objective of this event is to let people experience (try) triathlons in a low pressure, safe and fun environment, so relax and enjoy the day as much as you can.

Can we also take this opportunity to thank our many sponsors of this event, and of our Club, without whom this event and our club could not run, and ask you to support their businesses where possible.

 Aura Leitrim Leisure

Murtagh’s Bar, Carrick-on-Shannon

 Mongey Opticians

Trail Blazers, Carrick-on-Shannon

Feelystone, Boyle

 Lough Key Centre, LoughKeyForest Park

Esquires Coffee House, Carrick-on-Shannon

Joe Simon Hardware, Boyle

Kieran’s Pharmacy, Carrick-on-Shannon

 Leitrim Physiotherapy



Event Timetable
  Date Time Venue/Location
Race sign on and registration 13/04/2014 08:30 – 09.30 Aura
Marshal/stewards etc sign-on 13/04/2014 8:30 Aura
Marshal/stewards etc briefing 13/04/2014 9:30 Aura
Marshal/stewards etc in place 13/04/2014 9:45 Aura
Competitor race briefing 13/04/2014 9:30 Aura
Event start – 1st Wave 13/04/2014 10:00 Aura
Event finish – this is the time when the organisers are no longer responsible for athletes in recovery area, transition or run courses. 13/04/2014 13.00 Aura
Prize Giving 13/04/2014 As soon as possible after the last competitor finishes – venue Aura

Race debrief / social gathering – Murtaghs Bar 7pm – everyone welcome. We hope to have a slide show of photos from the event available also on the night.


The event is taking place on Sunday 13th April at Aura Leitrim Leisure, Summerhill, Carrick-on-Shannon. Registration will start at 08.30 and continue until 09.30 when the competitor’s race briefing will take place in the foyer of Aura.

The swim waves will start at 10.00 and will run with a maximum of 5 per lane and 5 lanes giving a total of maximum 25 per wave, there will be a maximum of 4 waves, with each wave starting within 5 minutes after the last competitor of the previous wave having finished. Competitors are asked to be on time and aware of their waves.

Waves will be given out at registration and are based on a 10 length time which you have submitted already. If you have not submitted a time you will be allocated to Wave One.

Race sign on

This must be done in person and with a valid form of ID.

At sign on you will receive your T-shirt, number which must be worn at all times on the bike and run (if you don’t wear it then we will be unable to give you a time), also you will be given your wave, remember this as you must be ready 10 minutes before your wave is off.

Transition Area

This is located directly beside Aura and is where your bike etc will be left. Please note your bike will be checked on entering transition to ensure it is in a roadworthy condition and your brakes etc work properly.

Transition itself will be closed to everyone except competitors, so no friends, kids etc please. There are plenty of viewing options though for family and friends directly outside of transition.

Transition will close at 9.45 for everyone including competitors, so anything you need to have done, please do so before this time as you will not be allowed in transition after this time.

Racks for your bikes are on a first come first served basis.

Please make yourself aware of the entry and exit points for your bike and run before you commence the race. Please also remember where you racked your bike for when you exit the pool area.

You will not be allowed to remove your bike until all competitors are finished their bike route. NO EXCEPTIONS

The Swim

Will take place in Aura and is 10 lengths of the 25 metre pool, starting and finishing at the shallow end. Competitors are not allowed to dive in. Please note that backstroke will not be allowed as a swim stroke for the safety of all competitors.

When in the lane consult with the other competitors in your lane and agree who will go 1st, 2nd etc, with the fastest going first.

If you want to pass someone out then you tap their foot and wait until the next turn at a wall where the competitor will allow you to pass and will then follow you, please be considerate for other competitors.

When you have finished 8 lengths the counter at the end of your lane will tap you on the head to tell you that you have 2 lengths left.

When you have finished your 10 lengths, exit the pool with care and make your way to the exit, (you may use the changing facilities if you wish) where you must shout your number to the marshal taking the times, failure to call your number might mean that your time is incorrect at the finish.

You may NOT wear any foot wear on the pool deck until you have exited the building.

Bike Route (

When you enter transition you must put on your helmet before you touch your bike this is a basic rule of triathlons and will be enforced.

You must not mount your bike until you are out of transition and you have crossed the MOUNT/ DISMOUNT LINE

The cycle route takes you out of Aura car park and along the Bank of America road to the Tesco roundabout, where there will be marshals and gardai on duty to help you navigate the traffic safely. You will then proceed out the N4 to the Drumsna Flyover and exit the main N4 by the slip road to the left. At the top of this slip road you take a right and then take the exit on the roundabout across the flyover. Then proceed towards Drumsna village until the first left turn marked ‘Carrick-on-Shannon’, take this turn and directly the next left, (Caution here as these corners can be slippy) follow this road down until it merges with the N4 again, taking care to stay inside the yellow hard shoulder line (Caution here as you are merging with main N4 traffic – Gardai will be on duty at this point to direct and slow down traffic and marshals will be blowing their whistles to warn you to slow down)

You will then return to Aura by the N4, taking care at the Tesco roundabout.

When entering the Aura car park please follow the instructions of the marshals and enter the transition by the rear.

Helmet must not be removed until you have racked your bike.

Run Route (

Exit the Aura car park by the same route as the bike route, proceed along the footpath past Bank of America until you near the Tesco roundabout where there will be marshals to direct you across the grass and out the N4 along the footpath. Take the 1st left turn, signposted Castlecarra road (marshals will be there to direct you).

As you proceed along this footpath you must not cross the road before the zebra crossing, once across you follow the tarmac area out to the end to the turn around point where there will be a marshal and a cone. When you have turned at this point it is the same route back to Aura and the finish line. Remember to follow the instructions of the marshals as you enter the car park as they will direct you to the finish line correctly.

When you have finished we would ask you to clear the finish line area to avoid accident with people still racing and remember that you can NOT remove your bike until all competitors have finished their cycle.


Showers are available in Aura and refreshments will be served in the foyer with Tea, Coffee and water available.

Sandwiches and some goodies will be there for the well deserved participants.


We want this event to run as smoothly and safely as possible so we ask you to familiarize yourself with the rules of triathlon online, as there are too many to run thru on the day.


Most of all if competitors are observant, obedient and courteous to marshals and other competitors then this will be a fun filled day that we all can enjoy.

Finally can I take this opportunity to wish you well in the rest of your training (don’t forget to rest a bit) and hope that this is an enjoyable day for you, where you can feel the buzz of your first triathlon in a safe environment.


From all @Lough Key Tri Club, Thank you and Good Luck.